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With 20+ years’ experience in marketing strategy, branding, demand generation and ABM, I have worked with and led world-class teams in global agencies and corporations, including Ogilvy Worldwide, Weber-Shandwick, T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), Symantec, the Adam Hall Group and SirionLabs.  From Irvine, California, I am a graduate of San Diego State University with a B.S. in International Business and Marketing and a B.A. in German and European Studies. Having spent a good portion of my career living in Frankfurt, Germany, I am also fluent in the German language and culture.

As a seasoned marketer and director of growth, I’ve learned that caring, connection and consistency are the cornerstones of success in driving brand engagement and demand generation with integrated marketing programs and campaigns. I have supervised 25 employees as head of marketing, helped to increase sales 65% over 4 years (avg. YoY 13% CAGR) and am known for my love of analytics, process innovation, efficiency increases and leadership.

My mission is to help business leaders grow their companies with modern marketing driven by storytelling, a motivated team, process innovation, and a customer-led tech stack – all built on insights, big data and AI with a focus on today’s digitally empowered customer.

I welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization and how I could support you with your next-level growth objectives. Click Contact below and get in touch!

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    Remote | Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Skills
    Brand, Demand, ABM | MarTech | Revenue AI
  • Languages
    English (native) | German (fluent) | Spanish (basic)
  • Hobbies
    Cycling, Outdoors, Architecture, Design, Dog-Walks, Music, Tech
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Navigating achieving growth potential and securing a competitive edge with positioning and planning.

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Building brands that market with greater gravity via consistency and customer-centric design & storytelling.

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Demand Gen

Engaging the right accounts with the right message at the right time fueled by insights, big data and AI.

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Leading global marketing teams in the areas of digital marketing, creative services and marketing operations/technology.

#leadership #vision #strategy #operational-excellence #decision-making #people #processes #technology #change #management #alignment #upskill #retention #passion #purpose #courage #inspiration

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Nikke possesses a strong work ethic. Being self-motivated, reliable and a team player, she makes the extra effort to achieve results. Nikke is an empathetic and supportive leader with a high EQ and does a great job of collaborating across functions. She has a knack for organization, process and details, which serve her well in orchestrating stakeholders, projects, metrics tracking, etc. From a geo perspective, she is highly capable at planning and executing programs and campaigns in various regions. Her communication and collaboration skills are huge assets when conducting multifaceted and complex marketing and demand-gen programs.

Hiro Notaney, CMO, SirionLabs

I rarely come across real marketing and branding talents, who stand out like Nikke. I had the pleasure of working with Nikke for more than four years and learned a lot from her with regards to strategic communications and branding. Nikke’s ability to sort out the Adam Hall Group brand portfolio and develop our brand story was unlike any I’ve seen before. She elevated the image and communications of our company and earns my highest recommendation for every strategic marketing challenge.

Alexander Pietschmann, CEO, Adam Hall Group

Nikke brings leadership, enthusiasm and a passionate work ethic to her role. She is bold in her ideas and is fully committed to seeing them through. Her thinking is often outside the box as she thrives on innovative creativity. Nikke is also truly focused and dedicated to any brand she works with, she is personable, professional and always ready for a challenge.

Rachael Rogerson, Editor-in-Chief, mondo*dr

A passionate and customer-centric marketer, Nikke genuinely inspires positive transformation and growth. A pleasure to work with, she’s an integral and personable professional, who is adept at building and leading high-performing teams across a wide spectrum of marketing disciplines from creative to tech, and all the communications and operations in between. A rare and valuable asset for any organization.

Lisa Clontz, Director of Strategic Alliances & Channels, HCL Tech

Energetic and forward-thinking, Nikke drives innovation and marketing creativity with strategy and structure. She’s a passionate leader with a global mindset developing and driving a world-class marketing team.

Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl, Founder of Green Turnaround, Board Member of Unternehmensgrün

A driven and dedicated marketing executive, Nikke is a powerful asset for any company seeking to transform and grow marketshare.

Ellen Minkels, CMO, Exergen Global

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Global Director, Demand Generation - SirionLabs

2022 - present

Discover Smarter Contracting.

  • Developed and executed a global multi-channel demand generation strategy, budget and plan to drive pipeline growth for B2B SaaS company in the CLM space.
  • Led a team of digital marketing and field marketers with creative & content teams and orchestrated the execution of ABX campaign plans to drive global demand generation and capture.
  • Worked cross-functionally to map buyer journey from in-market to MQA to opportunity against ICP, segments, personas, buyer stages and message mapping.
  • Cross-functionally collaborated with multiple stakeholders to design, launch, and orchestrate integrated, multi-channel ABX campaigns utilizing paid search, paid social, email, webinars, events, review sites, content syndication, chat, direct mail, etc.
  • Analyzed content gaps/opportunities in the buyer journey (top, mid, bottom of funnel) and identifying necessary tools, assets, content and programs in collaboration with product marketing, brand/content, creative services, and SDRs/BDRs and sales.
  • Worked closely with Marketing Ops, Rev Ops, SDRs/BDRs analyzing account signals & intent data to unveil new segments and value campaigns to increase pipeline velocity.
  • Monitored monthly/quarterly performance of MQAs against pipeline goals working closely with SDRs/BDRs and ensuring timely follow-up and nurturing cadences.
  • Partnered with strategic industry associations, affiliate networks and influencers to amplify brand recognition, trust building, traffic from ICP accounts and meetings.
Brand Strategist & Growth Marketecht - MINDVIBZ®

2020 - 2022

Grow Your Business with Modern Marketing.

Full-service marketing agency and HubSpot partner for technology, SaaS, manufacturing and e-commerce companies. Harnessed decades of combined team experience across diverse disciplines of marketing and sales to support business leaders and their teams with gaining stronger positioning, greater brand leverage, increased website traffic, conversion rate optimization, lead and opportunity management, and analytics reporting. Executed integrated marketing programs and campaigns working with content and creative teams and digital marketing experts in the areas of paid media (Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Ads), SEO, website conversion rate optimization, blogs and long-form content, landing pages, email marketing. Developed brand redesign strategies and plans, created messaging matrices, designed webpages for SaaS clients, implemented CRM and marketing automation technology platforms with onboarding/training for e-commerce and manufacturing clients.

Global Marketing Director - Adam Hall Group

2015 to 2020

Engaging Audiences with Event Technology Solutions.

Leadership of a 24-member, 3-division Global Marketing Department —Creative, Comms, Tech (grown from a 9-member team). Responsible for the planning and steering of the master corporate brand and communications objectives as well as developing and managing strategic branding and marketing initiatives across six sub-brands driving awareness, growth and retention.

Global Account Director - PC Brand Communications


Connecting Brands with People.

Responsible for managing overall planning, leadership, and direction of creative, marketing and branding teams and activities for key agency accounts (Technology, B2B, Life Sciences) and driving account growth, profitability, and value-add relationships with clients.

Senior Brand Consultant & Digital Marketer - BLOUT Brand Communications


B.rand L.everage, O.ptimization, U.ptrends and T.echnology.

Consulting and servicing international clients and agencies with brand development, digitalization and revenue-driven modern marketing approaches to build bridges between brands and people.

Senior Global Brand Manager - T-Systems International (Deutsche Telekom / T-Mobile)


Life is for Sharing.

Responsible for shaping the brand of Deutsche Telekom’s business technology customer unit, T-Systems, through developing and managing the company’s brand, developing and implementing a CI/CD and company-wide brand-ambassador program, and steering localization programs to ensure a unified image worldwide.

Senior Account Manager - Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide | WPP Group


360 Degrees of Influence. Managed PR and branding efforts on technology accounts via creating and delivering strategic recommendations to clients for increasing visibility and collaborating with internal agency practice groups in the areas of marketing, technology policy, executive visibility and media/analyst relations.

Media Relations Manager - Weber Shandwick / Rogers & Cowan | Interpublic Group


Creating Awareness and Changing the Way People Think. Developed and implemented reputation-management programs, including influencer media and analyst outreach plans for Consumer Electronics, Interactive Television, Streaming Media, Broadband and E-Commerce accounts including, Alpine Electronics, Pioneer New Media, OpenTV and iBeam Broadcasting.

Marketing Communications Manager - Symantec Software


Leading Next-Generation Cyber Security. Devised and planned marketing communications initiatives including targeting, positioning, marketing plans, collateral, pitches, news releases, media relations and engaging content-creation to elevate Company’s image, reputation and product recognition.


California State University, San Diego


Double Bachelor’s Degree: International Business with emphasis on Marketing and German.

Tübingen University, Germany


One-year foreign exchange program with emphasis on German and European Studies.

HubSpot Digital Marketing Academy, Boston


Professional Certifications in Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Marketing Software.

Berklee College of Music, Boston


Professional Certification in Music Business and Performance.


In addition to professional certifications, such as Software, CRM and Inbound Marketing (HubSpot), ( Understanding & Leading Change (ESMT) and Corporate Marketing Strategy (DM University), my strengths and skills include:

Brand Strategy
Demand Generation
Digital Marketing
Integrated Campaigns
Marketing Technology
Data & Analytics
International Business
Marketing Management


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My mission is to help business leaders grow their companies with modern marketing driven by storytelling, a motivated team, management skills, process innovation, and a customer-led tech stack – all built on insights, big data and AI with a focus on today’s digitally empowered customer.

I’m seeking a new professional challenge and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization and how I could support you with your next-level growth objectives.

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    US +1 619 889 1408 | DE +49 160 9054 6623
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    7725 Allen Black Rd., Charlotte, North Carolina 28227



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